March 22, 2023

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing Services

In recent years, with the intensification of market competition and changes in global industry trends, more and more gaming companies tend to use outsourcing services to operate their businesses. According to research by OCMS’s 2023 market team, this trend is likely to continue to grow. Outsourcing companies are constantly improving their expertise and technology to better meet industry needs. Therefore, the outsourcing industry will continue to become one of the important ways for gaming companies to achieve cost effectiveness and improve efficiency. The editor of this article will discuss various trends, advantages and disadvantages of the development of the iGaming outsourcing industry with the bosses, hoping to provide gaming company bosses with different perspectives on business operations.


  1. Economic globalization: Since the 1980s, the process of global economic integration has accelerated, promoting the development of corporate outsourcing globalization, and the iGaming industry has also been affected by it. Such an image has also accelerated the rise of outsourcing in the iGaming industry. More gaming companies have followed this trend and turned to outsourcing to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  2. Technological Advances: With the development and popularization of communication technology, enterprises can more easily manage and monitor global operations. At the same time, with the advancement and development of the Internet, enterprises are no longer restricted by geographical location and can collaborate with outsourcing companies only through network communication.
  3. Impact of the epidemic: The emergence and development of the epidemic have had an important impact on the outsourcing trend of the gaming industry. On the one hand, the epidemic has had an impact on the global economy. Gaming companies need to reduce costs to cope with global economic difficulties, and outsourcing has become an option. On the other hand, epidemic restrictions have also promoted the development of gaming outsourcing. As the epidemic has restricted the movement of people or gatherings, many iGaming companies have begun to look for solutions to remote working and remote collaboration, further accelerating the development of the globalization trend of iGaming outsourcing.


  1. Professional knowledge and skills: Outsourcing services can allow iGaming companies to immediately obtain the support of professional knowledge and skills, because outsourcing service providers usually have professional skills and knowledge and can better perform certain tasks or businesses that require huge resource consumption. Outsourcing services also allow iGaming companies to focus on their core business.
  2. Reduced costs: Outsourced service providers typically have extensive experience and expertise and are therefore able to complete the work more quickly, thereby reducing the company's administrative costs. In addition, outsourcing service providers have greater scale and resources, and can leverage these advantages to maintain more efficient business operations. Since iGaming outsourcing service companies often perform work or business at a lower cost than iGaming companies, most iGaming companies use outsourcing services to reduce related costs.
  3. Speed and efficiency: Through outsourcing, companies can save a lot of time because outsourcing service providers usually have established effective workflows and systems, and have rich experience and professional skills to focus on providing specific services. This way, iGaming companies no longer have to spend time and effort setting up these systems and processes.
  4. Resource release: Outsourcing services can allow companies to release internal resources, which can be used by iGaming companies to develop more core business projects or projects.


  1. Loss of control: Outsourcing a iGaming company can result in a loss of control over certain jobs or businesses. The outsourcing company may not have the same interests and values as your own company, which is likely to have a negative impact on your own company's image and brand.
  2. Security risks: Gambling companies choosing to use outsourcing services may bring some security risks. For example: the outsourcing company may have access to the iGaming company's secrets or customer information. If the outsourcing company does not have adequate security measures, this information may be leaked, causing risks.
  3. Increased costs: When a company or enterprise chooses to use outsourcing services, costs may increase in the long run. This is mainly because the price of outsourced services may change with the growth of the own company, which may incur additional uncertain costs, as well as the risk cost of possibly terminating the service contract. Therefore, iGaming companies should fully evaluate all associated costs and risks when employing outsourcing services.
  4. Quality issues: Outsourcing companies’ output is also likely to be of lower quality than the company’s own employees. If the outsourcing company is unable to provide high-quality work or business, this may negatively impact the company's service or product business.

Common outsourcing services

At present, most iGaming companies will hand over some non-core businesses to outsourcing companies so that they can focus on the development of core businesses. The following are some common types of outsourcing business among OCMS customers:

  1. Platform construction: This part is the familiar white label iGaming service. OCMS provides a complete one-stop white label iGaming service solution for customers who have not yet established their own brands. OCMS White Label iGaming can deliver the platform within 10 minutes, allowing you to significantly save the cost of building your own platform and various costs.
  2. Talent recruitment: Recruitment service outsourcing can help gaming companies reduce the human resource costs of the recruitment department, while professional recruitment companies can provide more efficient and accurate talent selection.
  3. Art design: In addition to helping companies save personnel costs, outsourcing art design work can also provide professional art design companies with better and diversified design style choices. In addition, art design outsourcing companies usually have a professional team of designers and a complete design process, which can significantly save the company's time and energy, thereby improving efficiency and creating more revenue.
  4. Online customer service: Many iGaming companies also choose to outsource online customer service services to increase return customer rates and customer satisfaction and reduce personnel costs. According to the customer data of OCMS, currently about 25% of iGaming companies will outsource online customer service services for a part of the period.
  5. Cash flow payment: Due to the gradual development of the gaming industry in Southeast Asia, China's card discontinuation policy, and restrictions on bank card acquisition conditions, three-party cash flow payment has become the most commonly used outsourcing service in the gaming industry. In addition, platform interfaces The method is already very mature, so almost no gaming companies will choose to develop their own cash flow channels.

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Based on the above analysis, in terms of advantages, outsourcing services can effectively reduce company costs and improve work efficiency, which is especially important for complex businesses that require professional knowledge. On the downside, if you use outsourcing services for a long time, you may lose control of your work or business, causing problems such as brand image and information security risks. In addition, since outsourcing companies may not share the same interests and values, effective control of output quality is also an important issue. Therefore, when considering outsourcing, bosses should carefully evaluate all the associated pros, cons and risks and choose the option that will bring the most value and benefits to their company. If you need to reduce costs, obtain expertise in the short term, save time, and are sure to control risks and ensure the quality of the outsourcing company's output, then outsourcing is definitely a good choice.