October 21, 2022

Philippine Online Gambling

What is the current situation of the local lottery in the Philippines? What local lotteries are there? How are the winnings from these lotteries now? Why are youbao.com taking risks to serve the local gaming market in the Philippines? But is the gaming market really in a downturn now? What other betting markets are available? Today, the editor of OCMS is here to discuss with you about the Philippine lottery.

The history and current situation of Philippine lottery

The local lottery in the Philippines can be said to have a long history, starting in 1833. Even the legendary Filipino national hero Jose Rizal won a prize of PHP6,200 in 1892, and also donated the prize money to education. With the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution, it was not until 1935 that the authorities established the "Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office" (PCSO), which mainly served amateur athletics, the Tuberculosis Association, the Women's Federation, the Women's Association, child welfare, public health, and improving the current situation of the poor. At the same time, the Philippine Charity Lottery Office launched the "Town Lottery" and instant lottery in 1987. Time came to 1935. During his tenure, Manuel L Morato, then chairman of the Philippine Charity Lottery Office, launched the first online lottery called LOTTO 6/42. The first lottery draw was held on March 8. Later, the lottery expanded to lotto 6/45, 6-Digit Lotto, Super lotto 6/49, Swertres 3Dlotto, and many other lottery types (here we will list them one by one). To this day, the enthusiasm for lottery in the Philippines has not diminished even during the epidemic (although small town lotteries were suspended several times due to the epidemic lockdown, they were quickly restored). Let us take a look at the data of the Philippine lottery. From the chart below, we can see that Philippine lottery revenue has been rising from 2016 to 2019. In 2020, revenue dropped a lot due to the long epidemic and lockdown. However, in 2021, lottery revenue was announced from PCSO The data is 43.37 billion. It can be said that revenue has returned to pre-epidemic levels. From this we can find that Filipinos like all kinds of digital games, not just lotto, and they are easy to accept all kinds of digital games. Also due to religious beliefs, they also try to alleviate financial problems through good luck. It can be said that the Philippine lottery culture is deeply rooted in the Philippines.

PCSO revenue from 2016 to 2020 (data from PCSO official website)

Is it winter in the betting market now? Is it worth the risk to run a local market?

From 2019 to 2022, the words we have heard most in the gaming industry are “persuading return”, “breaking cards”, “restricting entry and exit” and “cutting passports”. The self-media is full of various Southeast Asian X bureaus. Do not go to Southeast Asia and various negative news reports have caused a huge increase in personnel costs in the gaming industry, and sometimes it is even impossible to recruit employees. At the same time, the Philippine Internal Revenue Service announced a very detailed gambling tax law and increased gambling taxes. Philippine offshore gaming companies have been severely hit. High taxes and a shortage of human resources have also aggravated the sharp increase in marketing costs for gamblers, which has triggered the exodus of Philippine gaming companies, and also caused the Philippines' offices, apartments, and surrounding service industries to shrink and become vacant. Gambling platforms have begun to look for new gambling markets. With the birth of 5G networks, network applications have been widely covered in Southeast Asian countries. At the same time, with the outbreak of the epidemic, the network has penetrated deeply into the people of various Southeast Asian countries in recent years. Therefore, gambling bosses have begun to focusing on the Southeast Asian market. The Philippines itself has many large and small physical casinos. It can be said that Filipinos are no strangers to gambling. This has also led to some gambling platforms to introduce Filipinos into the Southeast Asian gambling market. Everyone who is engaged in the gambling industry in the Philippines knows that, Philippine authorities cannot allow offshore gambling companies to operate the local market. But I don’t know when, FB and IG began to slowly invest in advertising for gambling platforms, and the target users for promotion turned out to be Filipino locals. The editor still remembers that in 2019 and 2020, the “small town” in the Philippines "Lottery" has been shut down by the authorities several times, tens of thousands of lottery shops. The reason is simply that they also use the lottery as a pretext to engage in illegal gambling and use the legal "small town lottery" as a cover. Therefore, the editor also hopes that gambling operators whose games are on the edge of Philippine laws and regulations will find other markets as soon as possible. The Philippine authorities are also actively cracking down on illegal local gambling platforms, including offline ones. If you operate the local market for a long time, the risk is very high.

What other betting markets are available?

Various suppressions by the Chinese government, as well as tax increases by the Philippine authorities, have increased the cost of gaming platforms and increased marketing difficulty. This has caused gaming platforms to shift their marketing markets and focus their gaming market on Southeast Asian countries. Which countries in Southeast Asia are suitable as the first choice of gambling markets for the transfer of gambling platforms? In fact, we can find from our OCMS White Label iGaming in Southeast Asia that Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar, India, Indonesia and other countries are in line with online standards in terms of per capita income, network popularity and network speed. Market demand for gambling platforms. You can also read the "2023 Indonesian Gaming Market Analysis" previously published by the editor, "Why is the Vietnam Sports White Label iGaming so popular?" Articles such as "Looking at the Southeast Asian Online Gambling Market from the Southeast Asian White Label iGaming" and other articles understand the gaming market situation in Southeast Asian countries. OCMS always pays attention to industry trends, collects, analyzes and organizes research information, and innovates. OCMS's Southeast Asia White Label iGaming plan has hired more than a dozen local language experts in Southeast Asia for translation and local senior designers for product development and design, including language, interaction, interface style, etc. When you enter the Southeast Asian gaming market, you don’t have to worry about issues such as local culture, beliefs, and gaming market trends, which will affect the operation of your gaming platform.


Both the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have published reports. Among Southeast Asian countries, the economic recovery of Indonesia and Vietnam has exceeded the pre-epidemic level, followed by Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. As the vaccination rate increases and epidemic prevention is relaxed, the economies of Southeast Asian countries will have stronger recovery momentum. At the same time, the popularity of mobile phones and broadband network coverage have continued to increase. With these conditions, the overall gaming market in Southeast Asian countries is relatively optimistic. OCMS has been in the gambling industry for 15 years. It is also a veteran white label iGaming company among Philippine gambling companies. Choose OCMS to join hands with you to enter the Southeast Asian gaming market and overcome all obstacles to create brilliance together!